Upcoming Shows



Friday, 16th February 8pm

Don The Beachcomber

Huntington Beach

50s rock & roll

With Kay Marie, Ashley Kingman,

Wally Hersom & Dave Stuckey

Rock a boogie bop


Saturday, 17th February

Roaring 20s party

With Dave Stuckey's Hot House Gang

Roaring 20s Party


March 2/3/4

Dixieland Monterey

CSL Trio plus piano duet sets


March 9/10/11

Coos Bay Jazz Festival

With Dave Stuckey's Hot House Gang


March 21- April 2nd



April 6/7/8

Redwood Coast Jazz Festival

Dave Stuckey's Hot House Gang

CSL & Friends


April 13/14/15

Three Rivers Jazz Affair

Carl Sonny Leyland's House Party


April 15th (evening)

Shag Dance Festival


CSL Quintet

The Four Hoot Owls


April 18-22nd

Viva Las Vegas

House Band


April 25th

Rusty's Rhythm Club

Playa Del Rey

CSL Quartet


April 30th



CSL Quartet